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Cooking at the Inn

Posted on: Friday, April 13, 2012

One of the activities we strongly suggest Luana guests take part in is taking one night to BBQ here at the Inn. We have the most gorgeous pool lanai with a huge view of the ocean and sky. It’s an overwhelming, view, actually. I’ve stared at it for six years and am still in awe. We’re up on a cliff facing the water, about three hundred feet above sea level and less than a mile up from the bottom of the road, so you can feel the strong Kona breezes rolling up off the ocean, watch and hear the waves at Keei Beach, see whales if they’re nearby, and watch the sun and the clouds shift and move as the day passes. We’re high enough to see everything yet be out of the traffic at the bottom of the road, high enough to see misty rain edging down the hill behind us, yet close enough to the ocean that we never forget its presence.

The lanai is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy a meal. We have a BBQ just for guests, lots of seating, and outdoor lighting. We have a nice local supermarket up the hill that always has fresh local fish and local beef, local vegetables including greens and purple potatoes. There’s salt and pepper and oil in each room, along with basic dishes, so it’s easy to put together a wonderful lanai BBQ.

Each Luana guest room is equipped with a bar sink, mini refrigerator, and basic dishes and utensils. (The Alihi lani Suite has a full kitchen.) Please note, however, that as of August 19, 2012, the guest rooms (except for the Alihi lani Suite) will no longer have microwaves in them, due to new Hawaii County requirements. There will, however, still be a microwave available for guest use on the property.

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Stephanie Moul commented on 15-May-2012 08:52 AM
Many of the guide books about Hawaii give you information on where to eat, the most romantic places to eat and the best sunset views. While we have not tried the recommended places, we can highly recommend the lanai at Luana Inn as the BEST place for dinner!
We absolutely love preparing a simple meal at the BBQ, sitting down and listening to the sounds of life gently serenading us, and have the most splendid view of the sunset, bringing another great day to a close. We have also seen the whales out at sea enjoying
their own environment. There is something really wonderful about being able to prepare a simple meal, with no timeline, no place to rush to, only the beauty of being present in that moment and soaking in what it brings
Marc Z commented on 18-Aug-2012 05:16 PM
I'm sure there aren't too many arms to twist to get guests to enjoy a night of BBQ; I for one am never opposed to something right off of the grill. The pool sounds simply amazing, as does the rest of your wonderful amenities including the mini fridge and
kitchen, very convenient. Watching whales seems like a very unique option, are there months where they are more prone to being seen?

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